We Proudly Introduce Aidan Ryan

Aidan (left) and Ilka sorting artifacts from the Natural History Society of Maryland’s archaeological collection.

Several weeks ago, we welcomed a new member to the Herring Run Archaeology Project Team.  We first met Aidan last spring when he came out to volunteer for during our first excavation of Eutaw Manor.  We were delighted when Aidan returned to lend a hand several times over the course of the field season and quickly proved to be an asset to the project team.

 Aidan currently attends City Neighbors High School in Baltimore, and as part of his junior year curriculum, he’s required to complete an internship within the community.  We’re delighted that he chose us! He has been helping us analyze the artifacts we recovered last spring at our lab space (generously donated by the Natural History Society of Maryland). Aidan is totally nailing this internship, you guys. He’s learning about artifact identification and analysis, and is also responsible for taking the amazing artifact photos we feature every few days in the “Artifacts of the Day” posts.  We are so grateful for all the work Aidan has done for us so far, and we look forward his continued help as we ramp up for the 2016 Field Season.

So please join us in welcoming Aidan as part of our team!


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