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Artifacts of the Day: Nails!

Nails are among the most commonly occurring artifacts found on nineteenth and twentieth century archaeological sites, yet their importance is often overlooked. Unlike ceramics and glass, nails left in the ground for a prolonged period of time become heavily corroded and malformed, and are just not that pleasurable to study or easy to identify. But… Continue reading Artifacts of the Day: Nails!


We Proudly Introduce Aidan Ryan

Several weeks ago, we welcomed a new member to the Herring Run Archaeology Project Team.  We first met Aidan last spring when he came out to volunteer for during our first excavation of Eutaw Manor.  We were delighted when Aidan returned to lend a hand several times over the course of the field season and… Continue reading We Proudly Introduce Aidan Ryan

Artifact of the Day

Artifact of the Day: Pipes!

Today’s artifacts of the day are a handful of clay tobacco pipe fragments recovered from Eutaw Manor. Clay pipes were first developed in the early 17th century and were in use into the late 19th century.  Tobacco pipe fragments are one of the more common artifacts found on archaeological sites in America. The bowls were… Continue reading Artifact of the Day: Pipes!

Artifact of the Day

Artifacts of the Day: Window Lead and Sash Weight

Today’s selection of artifacts of the day come from the Eutaw Manor excavation last spring.  By the way, it’s only 49 days until we return to Eutaw Manor for the Spring 2016 Field Season.  The first artifact (top) is a small piece of turned window lead, also known as lead-came. Such items would have been… Continue reading Artifacts of the Day: Window Lead and Sash Weight

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Volunteers Needed

The Herring Run Archaeology Project Needs YOUR HELP. We’ll be accepting volunteers for fieldwork soon, please stay tuned for details on that. Meanwhile, we’re looking for people who can help us with visits from school groups. This will be our first year providing archaeology field trips for schools, and since we only have ten days… Continue reading Volunteers Needed