Past Owners

The upper part of Herring Run Park, north of Belair Road, has a long history of continuous human occupation and land use starting in the late 1600’s and extending through to the present with it’s use as a park serving the recreational needs of local residents in northeast Baltimore City.

Over the course of the project, members of the Herring Run Archaeology Project have combed through countless historical records to uncover details about the past owners of what is now Herring Run Park.  The goal of their research is twofold.  First to uncover details about the lives of these former residents. At the same time, the accounts provide useful clues that will help inform the on-going archaeological investigations within the park.

Research is ongoing and we will continue to update this section as we learn more about the various occupants who lived and worked in Herring Run Park. So check back often.


Broad Family Ownership, 1692 – 1742

John Hunt Ownership, 1742 – 1749

Peter Mirer Ownership, 1749 – 1758

Valentine Larsh Ownership, 1760 – 1779

William Smith Ownership, 1779 – 1804

Hall Family Ownership, 1804 – 1908