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Field Notes: Days Six and Seven

We’ve continued working on both the Eutaw manor house and the earlier part of the site over the last two days, and we’ve learned a great deal in a very short period of time. In the manor house, we discovered a mysterious pit near the southwest corner of the foundation that contained two complete wine… Continue reading Field Notes: Days Six and Seven

Eutaw Manor · Excavations

Field Notes: Day Five

Today we passed the halfway point of the 2016 Field Season, and the amazing discoveries continue.  Building on the success from yesterday, we continued to explore the location of the earliest European occupation of the site. We opened several more test units, and while we have not yet discovered any foundations or structural remains of… Continue reading Field Notes: Day Five

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Field Notes, Day Three

By the end of our third day of fieldwork, we completed excavation in three new areas on the perimeter and interior of the Eutaw manor house. Each new location we explore in the footprint of the house produces several distinct groups of artifacts that are not found in other areas. These subtle distinctions have allowed us… Continue reading Field Notes, Day Three

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Volunteers Needed

The Herring Run Archaeology Project Needs YOUR HELP. We’ll be accepting volunteers for fieldwork soon, please stay tuned for details on that. Meanwhile, we’re looking for people who can help us with visits from school groups. This will be our first year providing archaeology field trips for schools, and since we only have ten days… Continue reading Volunteers Needed

Excavations · Hall Springs Hotel

Hall Springs Hotel

Many long time residents of Lauraville and elsewhere in northeast Baltimore know about Hall Spring in Herring Run Park, and perhaps you’ve heard about the hotel that once stood across the road from the historic springhead. When we started the Herring Run Archaeology Project, many of our neighbors and resident volunteers told us fond stories of… Continue reading Hall Springs Hotel