Field Notes, Days One and Two

Our second season of fieldwork has begun, and we’ve already made some fantastic discoveries!

We’re exploring more of the Eutaw manor house, and have now firmly identified a second building that was likely the kitchen. We’ll be continuing to explore these two structures tomorrow, but we’re also hoping to begin excavation of the possible stable and slave quarter we’ve tentatively identified nearby.

In the manor house, we’ve finally located one of the chimneys, and have found some interesting artifacts, including a 1773 half penny, numerous decorative pieces of window hardware, a beautiful piece of an 18th-century hand-blown wine bottle, a 19th-century pipe bowl, and too many other things to mention.

At the very end of last year’s fieldwork, we identified what appeared to be a second, smaller structure just west of the manor house. We’ve now identified it as an out kitchen, a small building separate from the main house where food was stored and prepared.


This was likely one of the two smaller buildings depicted in the painting of Eutaw by Charles Willson Peale (shown in the detail above). We’ll be posting more updates as the fieldwork progresses, and hope to see you in the field!


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