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  1. Where is the lab located? What do you have to do to work with your group? As a young kid we rode our bikes through the park around Bel Aire Rd. Can you send me information about what you do and how to possibly join the group. I have some experience in working on digs. Adrien Tudor


    1. Hi Adrien! Our lab is located at the Natural History Society of Maryland in Overlea. All you need to do to join our team is to sign up: http://baltimoreheritage.org/project/herring-run-park-archeology/#.V6GemY5aUfo

      Right now all our volunteer spots are filled for this session of lab work. But we will have more volunteer opportunities later this fall and in the spring when have our next field season. Once you sign up for the mailing list, you should receive updates and notifications about our future volunteer opportunities.


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