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Lab Notes: August 6, 2016

Saturday, August 6, 2016:

Intern Blog Post:

Saturday morning I arrived at The Natural History Society of Maryland to continue the cataloging process, while our volunteers worked to uncover and categorize The Herring Run artifacts.

In identifying material artifacts, we as archaeologists are able to assess their practical and functional purposes, as well as a means of displaying social identity amongst those residing at Eutaw Manor.

Material culture, whether practical or identity building, is a fundamental premise for archaeological research. Identity, power, gender, and lifestyle are interpreted through material culture, and topical in the archaeological research field. The material culture, studied by archaeologists, affect our view of the relationship between culture and nature.

As I cataloged, I came across a grouping of artifacts found in the laundry room, which consisted of various buttons, as well as a few jewelry items: a small ring, and hair clip. The most interesting were the various buttons, which ranged in material from delicate shell to burnt bone. Identifying the material culture, and intent of the buttons contributes to the identity and culture of the individuals residing and working at Eutaw Manor.

We look forward to seeing you all next Saturday!
Lily Roze (Archaeology Intern)


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