2 thoughts on “Volunteer Registration for the Winter Lab Sessions is Open

  1. Back when the I-95 was constructed over he head-waters of Back River @ Herring Run Creek, an old “ship’, reportedly “Norse”, was discovered. Anything further on this report would be welcomed.


    1. Hello there! Yes, we’ve heard about this shipwreck. The Maryland Historical Trust does have a very, very brief record of something being found near the intersection of I-695 and MD 702 (along Northeast Creek/Back River) during highway construction in 1970, but it only includes a big circle around the intersection and the following note: “Old boat found near here during 1970 highway construction.” The State Highway Administration didn’t have any archaeologists on staff at that time, and there’s no indication that the boat was excavated or investigated by experts – if there had been a study, the Trust would likely have that research on file, and there’s nothing, unfortunately. I looked through the old construction records on file at SHA for 695 at that location, but didn’t find any references to a wreck. Without any records, artifacts, or photos, it’s impossible to say much more about this ship/boat.

      That said, there was a wharf near there from the late 1700s onward, so I don’t doubt there could’ve been a shipwreck there. A Viking shipwreck seems really unlikely to me, but who knows?? You might try searching the Baltimore Sun archives? They might’ve covered the discovery!


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